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Alliance Family Law is a Division of Alliance Legal Services Pty Ltd

The services we provide are built by listening and taking the time to understand our clients’ needs and expectations, by acting on feedback, by knowing what good service means, by looking at customer service in every part of our business, and by always looking to improve.  This starts with a recognition by all our staff that for whatever reason you need a family lawyer, this is a stressful time.  For many of our clients this is the first time they’ve been involved in any part of the legal system. Our goal is to help you get through it so you can get on with a normal and happy life – to help you to make a fresh start.

Through careful planning we work towards the best outcome for you, in light of your particular circumstances. Our approach is to work with you to find out the relevant facts, and to approach your particular challenges with an agreed approach, with clearly defined steps. We involve you in each step giving you balanced advice so you make properly informed decisions. We discuss costs with you at every stage, and give you clear cost estimates before we start, helping you to remain in control.

Family Lawyer Canberra - Cristina Huesch - Principal

Cristina Huesch is the firm’s Managing Director. Cristina holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Law (Family Law Practice) and is a NSW Law Society Accredited Specialist (Accredited Specialist Scheme) in Family Law. She has a particular interest in Collaborative Practice an approach to family law which aims to achieve outcomes based on the ‘interests’ of all parties, as opposed to a traditional ‘positional’ based approach.

Cristina has undertaken advanced training in Collaborative Practice, and is qualified to be appointed by the Court as an Independent Children’s Lawyer. She remains up to date with developments in family law through attendance at family law conferences organised by the Law Council of Australia, and the NSW College of Law, amongst others.

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