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The relationship you have with your family lawyer is critical. It is built on trust, and confidence. That’s why we will meet with you for no charge.

You need to feel you can work with your lawyer, to be confident they will act in your best interest, that they are well qualified to handle your matter, that they will keep you involved, and that costs will be properly explained, your agreed budgets maintained, and when changes occur that you will be notified and consulted.

When you call us we will ask for some details of the other person involved.  This is so we can undertake a conflict-of-interest check to make sure we are not acting for related parties.

Providing no conflict of interest is identified, and if you are a first time client, your initial 30 minute conference with Alliance Family Law is free and without obligation.

The free meeting is an opportunity for you to tell us a little about your circumstances, for us to give you free advice on family law in general, to discuss how we would approach your matter, to advise you on the services we provide, and to give you an indication of our costs.

A key aim of this process is to assess your needs and requirements, based on the available information. We want to make sure you are confident your matter will be handled professionally and in a way that will get you the best all-round outcomes.

After the conference, a full costs disclosure will be provided, along with information about how you can retain Alliance Legal Services if you decide to engage us.

Please note that until you are registered as a client we are unable to give you specific advice about your matter.

To CONTACT US please call 62232400, or: click here

Trust Accounts

If you engage us, and before we start work we will normally ask you to make a payment into the Alliance Legal Services Trust Account.  Trust Accounts are audited by the Law Society. By law, Trust Account funds cannot be used or spent until you have been sent a bill and have had an opportunity to check your account. Any unspent funds in the Trust Account at the end of your matter are returned to you.

Confidentiality of emails with Alliance Legal Services

Because email accounts are often accessed by others such as family, or work colleagues, and because work emails often have private use restrictions, we suggest you consider setting up a new email address to handle family law related correspondence using a web-based service. We recommend Gmail which usually interfaces well with our appointment system, and can be accessed wherever there is an internet connection. A suggested user name is – Click here to set up a Google Account

Thank you for considering Alliance Family Law.  We are here to help you get through this difficult time.

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