We understand that the costs of managing a family law matter are a key factor in your decision to choose a particular law firm. We will do whatever we can to help you manage your costs. We do this by making sure the appropriate people work on your matter, by giving you the opportunity to undertake some work yourself, and by keeping meetings to a minimum.

We use the latest legal support software to help make sure we are efficient, and we can hold meetings by phone or Skype which can reduce meeting time and keep your costs down.

The amount you pay for a lawyer generally depends on their experience and qualifications. Our family lawyers charge between $330 and $550 per hour plus GST. As you make your inquiries you will find other family lawyers in Canberra will normally charge between $375 and $850 per hour plus GST, depending on seniority. Our paralegal charge is $180 per hour plus GST. Other family law firm paralegals are charged at between $220 and $350 per hour.

We suggest that you ask for details of the experience and qualifications of the lawyers and paralegals proposed to work on your matter, and for details of the support that less experienced lawyers will receive from more senior staff when working on your matter. Our firm is happy to provide you with this information.

It’s not just the hourly rate that affects the cost but also the efficiency of your lawyer.  Our aim is to be cost efficient in all our activities. We run a largely paperless office which means lower overheads and less time spent on filing, printing and dictating. We won’t allocate lawyers to your job to keep them busy, and we don’t ask you to sign forms at our first meeting which many frms do. We don’t have formalised cross referrals, and you won’t get a call from a financial planner after meeting us because we don’t do deals to share your contact details.

How do you know which lawyer to use?

If your matter is complex, there is a significant asset pool, your spouse exhibits challenging behaviour, or there are mental health or domestic violence issues, we recommend that you engage our Accredited Specialist in family law. Specialists are trained to manage complex matters and to provide strategic advice early on, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.

We comply with the legal fee requirements of the ACT Law Society.

What are your options for payment?

Alliance Family Law can provide you with a range of services and options, including:

  • Up-front secure trust account fee management
  • Pay-as-you-go options:
    • Direct bank fund transfer
    • Credit card (2% bank surcharge)
    • PayPal
  • Putting you in touch with a litigation lender
  • End-of-matter payment with security (interest is charged)

For details of our legal fees click here

We can provide detailed fixed cost estimates for many services, based on your individual circumstances.

Please call us: 02 6233 2400 or provide us some basic details through the CONTACT FORM.

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