Batemans Bay Family Lawyer

Family Lawyer in Batemans Bay

Batemans Bay Court House at 24 Orient Street. 

If you need a Batemans Bay family lawyer call us on 02 6223 2400.

Batemans Bay is a favourite destination for Canberrans, including our staff. We all love an excuse to enjoy the beach and the seafood, and for the vegetarians amongst us Sam’s Pizzeria along the board walk. We know the area quite well.

Our customers tell us it’s not always easy to deal with family law issues with a local solicitor who may have acted for the extended family for many years. Small towns are small towns and some people feel concerned their personal business can become common knowledge if they are seen visiting a local law firm. It is also worth noting the closest family court, and federal circuit court which could hear parenting, and property settlement matters are in Canberra. This includes filing for a divorce. 

Family law is a complicated speciality area, especially given the ever changing case law concerning how children, property, businesses, trusts, companies, blended families, and the like are treated by the Family Court.  We are specialists in family law. We can offer a fresh approach to your family law matter and will help you get the best outcome. We are not aggresively litigious, we always try to settle matters as amicably as possible, and we will do whatever we can to help you manage your legal costs. No matter what anyone tells you, being aggressive and litigous will not result in a better outcome – it will just cost a lot more. 

Using Alliance Legal gives you the confidence of being with a firm led by a NSW Law Society Accredited Specialist in Family Law. 

No matter who you engage you may be surprised how little time you will spend meeting face to face with your lawyer. Like everything in the digital age most communication is by phone, email or video conference. However, if we do need to travel to attend mediation or court with you, we only charge a nominal rate for travel time. Mostly, we work with clients by phone, email and by utilising our secure online portal that gives easy access to materials. Whether you are uploading evidence to us, or we are making available draft documents for your review, editing and uploading back to us, the portal save time for us and money for you.

As you read the information on our website you will see that we offer a free first conference. For our regional clients we can do this by phone, Skype, or Facetime. This is a chance for you to tell us a little bit about your issues, and to get some feedback on how we would handle your matter. If you then decide to formally engage us as your family lawyer we will send you a costs agreement. 

If you read our fees section you will see we try to help you manage your costs. We know this can be expensive, but we do our best to keep your costs down. We operate a virtually paperless office and we encourage you to do as much work as you can yourself, through your secure online portal. For example, if you’re confident you can draft documents we advise you how to approach it, rather than insisting on doing it for you. We also suggest where possible that our paralegals are used to assist collate evidence, answer basic questions, and do much of the lower level work which is cheaper than using a lawyer – who then just checks the work.

Call us to discuss your options on 02 6223 2400 during office hours. If you prefer to use the contact form please send us some brief details in a short email and we’ll get back to you to make an appointment within a few hours; or if it’s the evening or weekend, on the next business day. Everything you tell us about your family law issue is strictly confidential. If you just want more information, either use the menu, or start here.




Family Lawyer in Batemans Bay Family Lawyer in Batemans Bay Family Lawyer in Batemans Bay 

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