Same Sex Separation

Same-Sex Couples

The Same Rules Apply

Australian family law applies to same sex separation. If you are separating from a same-sex relationship you are entitled to seek property and financial settlements in the same court through the same processes as people in a heterosexual relationship.  Australian laws also allow a same sex couple to apply to the Child Support Agency for child support agreements.

We have extensive experience in same sex couple separation and can advise you on the most efficient way to resolve your joint affairs, no matter how complex. Our advice is that if you are separated, you have thoroughly considered all the circumstances and consequences, and if you do not believe there is any prospect of reconciliation, you should seriously consider winding up your joint affairs. Whilst a sensible period post-separation may help wounds to heal and allow proper reflection, our experience is that the longer you leave it the more painful, complex, and expensive it can get.  If you are planning to move on, and to start a new life with a new relationship you need to have your affairs sorted out.

If you need advice then please get in touch.  We offer a free first conference.

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