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Government funding for family violence legal services

By November 9, 2016No Comments

The Government has now revealed further details of how funds committed earlier this year to addressing family violence will be spent. Of the $100 million announced under the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and Their Children, $30 million will be allocated to front-line legal services.

The Attorney-General announced the funding would enable Legal Aid commissions to work together with specialist domestic violence services to help families as they navigate the state and federal court systems.

Specifically, the funds are to be divided up as follows:

  • $18.5 million for integrated duty lawyer and social support services in family law courts
  • $6.2 million to pilot enhanced models of family dispute resolution for vulnerable families
  • $5 million for an extra year of the legal assistance pilots under the Women’s Safety Package
  • $300,000 for data analysis in the legal assistance sector.

It is hoped that these funds will strengthen services in the family law courts. The focus on improving access to family dispute resolution processes outside the court system is welcomed, to help families find a better way to resolve their disputes than through the slow and expensive court system.

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