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Legal Fees Canberra Family Law

Legal Fees Canberra Family Law

Sick of being told what to do by all your friend-experts? Get up to an hour of a real lawyer’s time to get you on the right track.

If you’re ready to launch or want a second opinion on your prospects we are currently offering a $300 legal Zoom conference for new clients. This may be just what you need to help understand the law, your strategy, or any particular part of your case you are struggling to understand.

We comply with the legal fee requirements of the ACT Law Society.

We know that costs are a key factor in your decision to choose a family law firm so we will do whatever we can to explain our fees and charges. We will help minimise your costs by making sure the appropriate people work on your matter, by giving you the opportunity to undertake some work yourself, and by keeping meetings to a minimum.

We use the latest legal support software to help make sure we are efficient, and we can hold meetings by phone or video which can reduce meeting time and keep your costs down. One of our innovations to keep legal fees to a minimum is to give our clients access to a client portal. This can be used to complete some court forms, edit letters and affidavits, and generally stay in touch and communicate. We also use separate portals for external experts and witnesses (e.g. accountants, barristers etc) to download and upload evidence in a streamlined manner.

The amount you pay for a lawyer generally depends on their experience and qualifications. Our family lawyers charge between $500 and $600 per hour plus GST. As you make your inquiries you will find other family lawyers in Canberra will normally charge between $480 and $850 per hour plus GST, depending on seniority. Our paralegal charge is $200 per hour plus GST. Other family law firm paralegals are charged at between $220 and $350 per hour.

We can do this because we manage our overheads well and because we use cloud-based systems to help us to be efficient. We are close to Parliament House and the nearby government office, in Deakin’s medical and legal precinct.

We suggest you ask for details of the experience and qualifications of the lawyers who will work on your matter. We are happy to provide you with this information.

It’s not just the hourly rate that affects your costs but also the efficiency of your lawyer.  Our aim is to be cost-efficient in all our activities. We run a largely paperless office which means lower overheads and less time spent on filing, printing, and dictation. We don’t allocate lawyers to your job just to keep them busy, and we don’t ask you to sign forms at our first meeting – which many firms do. We don’t have formalised cross-referral deals, and you won’t get a call from a financial planner after meeting us because we won’t share your contact details.

We also minimise the cost to clients by ensuring that non-legal information (not advice) is sent by our administration staff, paralegals, or by our systems so that you receive information where appropriate at a lower cost.

Our $300 First Legal Advice Zoom Conference

If our free conference does not provide enough information for you, or if you want to move quickly in your matter and straight away get stuck in to solid legal advice, you may wish to take up our special offer of a $300 legal advice offer (first conference for new clients through Zoom) (regular hourly rate).

This conference is suitable for those at the beginning of their matter, those who are underway with their case and need some legal advice, or those who wish to get a second opinion on legal advice they have received elsewhere. We can provide background legal advice, assist with strategy or take on your matter in full.

You may use this time as you wish. If you have legal questions, wish to brainstorm options, or discuss any deal you and your ex-partner are thinking about doing, call or contact us now to make an appointment.

How do you know which lawyer to use?

If your matter is complex, there is a significant asset pool, your spouse exhibits challenging behaviour, or there are mental health or domestic violence issues, we recommend that you engage one of our specialist team of senior lawyers.  Specialists are trained to manage complex matters and to provide strategic advice early on, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.

What are your options for payment?

Alliance Family Law can provide you with a range of services and options, including:

  • Up-front secure trust account fee management
  • Pay-as-you-go options:
    • Direct bank fund transfer
    • Credit card (2.615% bank surcharge)
    • PayPal
  • Putting you in touch with a litigation lender
  • End-of-matter payment with security (interest is charged)

How to pay using PayPal

Please include Matter ID

Our Hourly Legal Fee Rates

* from 18th July 2022

Family Law Team - Cristina Huesch | Principal and Managing Director | Family Law in Canberra

Principal, Cristina Huesch

$700 +GST = $770

Paralegal – $200 + GST + $220

Law Clerk- $180 + GST = $198

Law Graduate – $300 + GST = $330

Practice Manager – $120 + GST = $132

Administration – $95 + GST = $104.50

We can provide detailed fixed cost estimates for many services, based on your individual circumstances.

Please call us: 02 6223 2400 or provide us with some basic details through the CONTACT FORM.

  • Draft consent orders and Application for Consent Orders Form (including parenting Annexures where relevant) where parties are in agreement starting at $3,000.
  • Drafting of binding financial agreement starting at $3,000 (please note these costs can be significantly more in complex agreements).
  • Statutory advice on binding financial agreement starting at $2,500.

Fixed Fee Divorce

  • Simple joint divorce with agreement between parties, without court appearance, $1,295 plus court filing fees and other disbursements.
  • Sole application with no agreement between parties, without court appearance, $1,795 plus court filing fees and other disbursements.

Court filing fees for divorce applications are $990 as at 1 July 2022.

Basic next steps legal advice provided at no additional charge.

Contact us at or 02 6223 2400 to engage us to complete your application for divorce on your behalf.

Fixed Fee Divorce | Legal Fees Canberra Family Law | Alliance Family Law

Trust Accounts

If you engage us, and before we start work, we will normally ask you to make a deposit of funds into the Alliance Legal Services Trust Account.  Trust Accounts are audited by the Law Society. By law, Trust Account funds cannot be used or spent until you have been sent a bill and have had an opportunity to check your account. Any unspent funds in the Trust Account at the end of your matter are returned to you.

Confidentiality of emails with Alliance Family Law Services

Because email accounts are often accessed by others such as family or work colleagues, and because work emails often have private use restrictions, we suggest you consider setting up a new email address to handle family law-related correspondence using a web-based service. We recommend Gmail which encrypts all emails, interfaces well with appointments, and can be accessed wherever there is an internet connection.  Click here to set up a Google Account

Thank you for considering Alliance Family Law.

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