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Divorce Lawyer Canberra is the leading choice for your divorce needs. Our team of experienced lawyers is dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation in divorce cases. Trust the #1 best divorce lawyers in Canberra to guide you through the process with professionalism and expertise. Contact us today for a consultation.

Divorce Lawyer Canberra

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Divorce Lawyer Canberra

Divorce marks the end of something that was important and meaningful. It’s the conclusion of a significant chapter in you life. Nobody embarks on marriage with the anticipation of separation, but it’s an unfortunate reality that individuals do change. They drift apart, they lose connection, their passions and interests can change, and ultimately they may decide to end their marriage. More than half of marriages end. It’s not failure, it’s a fact of life. Our job is to help you and we never judge anyone, no matter the circumstances.

Whilst there are instances where both partners acknowledge the relationship has come to an end, reach an amicable property settlement, and agree to sensible parenting arrangements, that isn’t always the case – and that’s where we can offer the most help. Sorting out the areas where there isn’t agreement using common sense, and of course the law. Regardless of the circumstances the whole process invariably involves strong emotions.

Our role at Alliance Family Law, as a divorce lawyer Canberra is to guide you through the intricate legal system, to assist you to navigate the emotional complexities, and to support you in swiftly regaining control of your life.

We have all the resources you will need during this challenging time.

In Australia, the concept of “no fault” divorce prevails. In simple terms, according to the law, the specific actions, timing, and location of the events leading to the divorce are irrelevant. If either party desires a divorce, they have the legal right to pursue it.

Approximately 56,000 divorces are granted annually, with a median marriage duration before separation of approximately 9 years and before divorce around 12.3 years. The median age for women to separate is 38, and for men, it’s around 40.

There are roughly 90,000 marriages each year, and the median age at first marriage is approximately 28 for women and around 30 for men. Approximately half of all Australians are married.

Around 80% of couples experience a period of cohabitation before marriage, and more than 2 million people, or 1 in 10, live in a de facto relationship. De-facto relationships are most prevalent among younger individuals.

In the past 20 years, the number of people, both young and old, living in de-facto relationships has more or less doubled, including those in same-sex relationships.

Approximately half of divorcing couples with children experience a situation where their offspring no longer have regular contact with one of the parents post-separation. According to census data, out of the 5 million children in Australia aged 17 or under, slightly over 20% (1 million) had a biological parent residing elsewhere.

Among these, 80% had their father living elsewhere, with nearly half of these children maintaining contact with that parent at least once every two weeks.

Conversely, one quarter of these children had sporadic or no contact with the other parent throughout the year. Additionally, close to 75% of children with a parent living elsewhere resided in single-parent households, while 14% lived in stepfamilies, and 11% in blended families.

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