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Family Law

Family Law Canberra – New tech advancements make access to support easier for victims of violence

By August 4, 2015No Comments

By Rose Sheppard, Paralegal

The ABC Radio National Law Report’s David Carrick discusses technology in family law.

There is hope on the horizon for victims of violence to get legal help via the use of an online application for a Family Violence Order.  This is now available to residents of Melbourne’s city of Yarra, thanks to Melbourne’s Neighbourhood Justice Centre. The interactive form is an option for those who are victims of violence to make the application online, as opposed to the traditional hard-copy version, which is 12 pages long and has been criticised for using too much legal terminology.

The online form is being trialled and is currently only available in Yarra.  However, it is expected the form will eventually become accessible across the state of Victoria. Hopefully other states will catch on to this new development, which is a much needed innovation to assist those in crisis as a result of family violence.

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