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Best Family Lawyers Canberra

Alliance Family Law

Not a claim we make lightly but we’re happy to accept the rating. Unsolicited, not paid for, independent assessment against transparent criteria. (TBR® inspection report 92%).


Family Lawyers Canberra

When seeking family lawyers in Canberra, it’s crucial to turn to a reputable firm comprised of experienced specialists in family law. We proudly stand as the best family lawyers Canberra. Your ideal legal partner should be large enough to meet your requirements but small enough to give you personalised support.

It’s essential to choose a firm that guarantees discreet, expert, and confidential services. Furthermore, you deserve transparency about your likely costs from the outset, and an assurance your fees will be fair. At Alliance Family Law we provide comprehensive family lawyers Canberra services covering separation, divorce, parenting agreements, property settlements, mediation, binding financial agreements, and more to address all your legal needs.

What are you waiting for?

Divorce? Separation? Parenting Agreements? Property Settlements? Pre Nups? Our job as family lawyers is to help you focus on your next steps while we will guide you through this difficult time, to help you move on, and to get this all behind you. We will help you to focus on the future and not dwell on the past.

Choose Us as Your Family Lawyer

Family Law Accredited

We boast Law Society Accredited Specialists — family law experts with independent accreditation and a diverse set of specialized skills. Crucially, we excel in understanding your unique situation, engaging in discussions about your options, and assisting you in identifying your objectives.

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Our success is rooted in delivering professional, cost-effective, efficient, and empathetic family law services. Our commitment lies in treating you with utmost respect and dignity, striving to provide unwavering support and further your best interests. Importantly, we refrain from urging you into unwinnable battles that do not align with your best interests.

You can anticipate a comprehensive understanding of the facts, empowering you to make decisions based on the law rather than emotions or the advice of non-expert lawyers, friend-experts, or work colleagues.

Alliance Family Law is a small team and best family lawyers Canberra. Our lawyers have expertise in divorce, separation, property settlement, parenting and child access arrangements, and binding financial agreements (pre-nups). We care about our clients. We fight for your rights. We charge fair fees.

If you need help, get in touch now for a free, no obligation discussion. We know how stressful this can be so we will help you to understand how it all works. We will discuss your unique situation and explain your options. We will help you to identify goals. And then we will work hard to help achieve them.

We provide the choice to engage in a cooperative family law method and refrain from urging you to pursue conflicts that may not be in your favor. Our primary goal is to reach resolutions outside the courtroom, and we excel in the art of mediation.

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