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New app facilitates financial security for vulnerable women

By October 25, 2017November 22nd, 2017No Comments

By Gianna Huesch

A great new app has just been released which should be very useful for women from all walks of life but particularly for those vulnerable women experiencing or escaping family violence situations.

The free app, called Penda, has been developed by Women’s Legal Service Queensland with funding from Financial Literacy Australia, and it aims to be a comprehensive resource which can help strengthen women’s financial security, something so crucial for women seeking to leave abusive relationships.  Financial security has been shown to be a major factor in enabling women to successfully leave situations involving domestic or family violence.

Struggling financially, or suffering from poverty, often means women have no practical means to leave an abusive relationship or causes them to feel trapped and dependent on their abuser.

The Penda app is a national resource containing a wealth of financial tips, safety and legal information, and referrals to services for women experiencing abuse. It draws together vital information, for example on how to access emergency funding and crisis payments, Centrelink and housing services, information on child support, and information on visas and immigration.  Information on services is coupled with advice on how to manage money and debt after separation and divorce, and general parenting help.

Penda has been designed to help women suffering from violence in intimate relationships in particular but will be helpful also to women exposed to violence in other kinds of relationships, or who are going through separation and divorce.  The app is also expected to be useful for support people such as family, friends and employers.

Designed with safety at the forefront, there are built in safety features such as warnings prior to and after download, a lock screen game function and optional passcode access settings, and the app also provides information on risk factors, safety planning and the safe use of technology.

You can download the Penda app from the App Store or Google Play, or see their website at

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