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Divorce and separation

Divorce and the Olympics: 5 Best Celebrity Sport Spills!

By July 8, 2024July 9th, 2024No Comments
Divorce and the Olympics

Whatever happens, don’t forget the children come first!

Divorce and the Olympics is a hot topic for the tabloids who thrive on analysing the drama of failed relationships between or involving celebrity sports-people. Divorce and the Olympics has featured in the upcoming Paris Olympics right from the welcoming of the Olympic torch to Monaco by Princess Charlene and Prince Albert.

The fact that the royal couple stepped out together hand-in-hand for the torch ceremony was seen by the public as a sign they have reconciled and are not headed for divorce, as many had speculated.  Sky News reported the couple “prominently held hands” (however you do that), after months of rumours that the royals were on the brink of divorce.  The suspected reason for the marital troubles?  Albert has allegedly fathered at least three children out of wedlock…

Divorce and the Olympics – Conscious uncoupling.

Former Olympic greats, Australia’s swim star Leisel Jones, and China’s hurdles champion Liu Xiang, are two examples of amicable Olympic divorces in recent times.  Leisel ended her marriage last year, but is only now opening up on the reasons.  Although describing herself and her ex-husband Damon as “extremely heartbroken”, and Damon as “such a wonderful guy, a great guy”, Jones says that the couple split after “realising we’re better off going separate ways”.  She notes that it’s “a really big adjustment to do things on your own,” but is enjoying having re-entered the online dating pool. Even famous people use Bumble!

Meanwhile Liu Xiang divorced his actress wife Ge Tian after only a very short marriage.  He said, “After our wedding, our personalities did not match, and today we have ended our marriage. I hope from here on each of us can have a more beautiful life. We have best wishes for each other.”

Divorce and the Olympics – When people change.

Another Olympian, British rower James Cracknell has recently discussed the ending of his 17 year marriage.  He blames a brain injury that he had acquired in an accident for major changes in his personality.  He says his ex-wife “had it really hard.  She had one husband for the first eight years we were married, and a very, very different one for the rest.  I would have left me a long time before we split. I don’t think I would have stuck it with me as long as she did.”

Divorce and the Olympics – The importance of support in sport.

US volleyball star Jordan Larson had retired after the Toyko Games, but is now back on the national team and competing in Paris.  Along with having done “some serious soul-searching”, she credits her coach Karch Kiraly’s support for helping her through two divorces and losing her mum to breast cancer.

“Karch and I have been on this journey now together. … He’s known my whole professional career and all the stuff that’s come between.  I think there’s obviously more that goes into coaching — friend, mentor, he’s just the epitome of everything. Life gets hard and he’s just been there and consistent for me.”

Divorce and the Olympics – Other family law issues:  Grandparent carers.

American skateboarding champ Chris Joslin will be representing Team USA at the Paris Olympics.  His story is an example of the positive impact a grandparent can have in the life of a child who is surrounded by chaos through parental neglect or abuse.  Joslin’s well-documented tough background includes having a mother who was a drug addict and unable to care for him, no relationship with his father who was eventually killed by police while in a drug-induced rage, and being the youngest of three kids raised by their maternal grandmother Joyce.

It’s typically a difficult situation when grandparents who, having raised their kids, later need to step in and also raise their grandchildren, due to problems the parents have.  Grandparent carers have a tough gig, but it’s good to know family law is behind them.  Read about grandparents’ right on our blog here.

Chris Joslin says: “She didn’t have to do that, you know what I mean?  She could have just allowed me to go into the system or whatever, been an orphan, and just let my life pan out the way it (would have) panned out. But in a sense — and I don’t really say this lightly — she really saved my life.”

Divorce and the Olympics and getting back to dating!

And if you’re back in the dating game yourself, Elle magazine has the scoop for you:  a cheat sheet to Australia’s most eligible Olympian bachelors who’ll be competing in Paris.  The headline:  “Six hot Australian Olympians you can still marry”.

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