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Domestic violence

1800RESPECT adds new video call service – improving services.

1800Respect1800Respect has added a new service. In today’s world, technology inevitably shapes our interactions and experiences, so it’s essential that support services evolve alongside it.  Recognising this need, 1800RESPECT, the well-known and well-regarded service providing assistance for those affected by family, domestic, and sexual violence, has launched an innovative new video counselling service. This on-demand platform offers a lifeline to individuals in distress, providing them with an accessible and confidential means to seek help.

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Connecting with 1800Respect counsellors

Users can now connect with qualified counsellors via face-to-face video calls, directly from the 1800RESPECT webpage.  With just the click of a button, individuals in crisis can access professional support in real-time, encouraging a sense of immediacy and reassurance during their most vulnerable moments.  For users who can find a “faceless” counselling service too impersonal, this functionality can help foster a sense of connection through the face-to-face interactions.

This initiative marks a significant expansion of 1800RESPECT’s services, building upon the SMS functionality introduced in late 2023. By embracing video technology, the organisation aligns itself with the Government’s National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children 2022-32, which emphasises the importance of providing diverse and accessible avenues for seeking help.

Why is the 1800Respect video counselling service better?

What sets this video counselling service apart is its flexibility and inclusivity. In addition to traditional phone, text, and chat support available 24/7, users now have the option to engage in video calls during business hours, Monday to Friday. While this initial schedule may evolve over time, the introduction of video counselling represents a crucial step forward in meeting the diverse needs of survivors.

Also, 1800RESPECT recognises the importance of language accessibility. To ensure that all individuals feel heard and understood, users can request an interpreter to join the video call, providing linguistic support and facilitating communication in languages other than English. This feature underscores the organisation’s commitment to inclusivity and cultural sensitivity.

Importantly, the video counselling service operates on a no-appointment basis, eliminating barriers to access and streamlining the process for those in crisis. This immediacy is invaluable, offering immediate support to those who may be hesitant or unsure about reaching out for help.

Where isolation and uncertainty often exacerbate the challenges faced by survivors of violence, initiatives like 1800RESPECT’s video counselling service offer a beacon of hope. Taking advantage of the power of technology, the organisation empowers individuals to break the silence, seek support, and reclaim their sense of agency in the face of adversity.

If you or someone you know is in need of support, don’t hesitate to reach out to 1800RESPECT.  Home | 1800RESPECT

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